Wednesday 7 June 2017


ive Tallinn Music Week acts have been added to the Positivus Festival Palladium Stage line-up for 2017. Beyond Beyond, Go Away Bird, Lepatriinu, Mauno Meesit, Okym & Tiiu will all appear along such previously announced names as MESA, Raimonds Tiguls and Moonlight Sound Design, Satellites LV, Teachers, Francobollo, Bucharest, Bandmaster, Rachel Claudio & Rick Feds and many others.

Beyond Beyond is an Estonian boyband that released its first single in May 2016. There are four talented singers in the band: Frederik Küüts, Gevin Niglas, Karl Killing and Frank Pintsaar. Despite of the young age of the musicians, the music they make still sounds mature and full of potential, and combines elements from indie, hip-hop, electronic dance music, jazz and modern classical music that touches everyone.

Lepatriinu is an Estonian singer-songwriter, born and raised in Tallinn. She was exposed to music from a very early age and has been singing for over 20 years now. Musician has played acoustic guitar and written her own music for at least 13 years, but only for a few months has she practiced with electronic beats and backtracks. Now Lepatriinu has combined the two and setting her ways onto those acoustic/electronic landscapes.

Mauno Meesit is a guitarist and composer from Estonia who is expressing himself through minimalist instrumental music. On his latest album Varjudemaa Meesit shows his love for old acoustic instruments, guitar feedback and warm drones of echo machines. Meesit has been featured at Estonian Music awards, has written music for several TV serials and theatre plays and has released albums under German and Estonian labels.

Okym is a rapper with a very distinctive dark tone to his creation. He has the mind of a shaman and the energy of a barbarian. He fills his music with ancient instinct and paranoia. Tiiu is the only widely known female rapper in Estonia. Her energy is explosive and she feels comfortable blooming inside the very masculine rap scene of Estonia. She’s got cojones the size of your mom’s minivan. They have been performing together for 3 years and have released an LP called Errorist. When creating music, they mainly mix rap with grime, trap and dnb.

An Estonian, a Russian and an American step into a bar and soon after Go Away Bird is born. Their music is a trip-rock, post-punk, dream pop and indie cocktail from the 90s with a little touch of that western soul. The group was born in Tartu, but its members – Stanislav from Moscow, Dirk from Portland, USA and two locals Hanna and Veljo – live in Tallinn. The band’s bigger concerts are accompanied by the most beautiful singing twins in the country – Vivi and Viveli Maar on backing vocals.