Only persons who hold a valid Festival ticket or wristband may be present in the Festival’s territory. To cross the Festival’s territory, a valid Festival ticket or wristband is required. Holders of valid tickets are entitled to be present in the Festival’s territory during their opening hours subject to compliance with the Festival’s rules.

By acquiring the Festival’s ticket the visitor agrees to that during the Festival they can be photographed and filmed and that their image can be used for commercial and advertising purposes without the payment of consideration or the application of copyright.

In the Festival’s venue, the visitors may be subjected to the search and checks of the person, personal belongings, and documents.


The Festival’s wristband may be received by the entry into its territory by producing a valid Festival entry ticket.

The bar code of each ticket is unique, and only the first visitor with the original bar code will be let into the Festival. It is strictly prohibited to copy and resell the ticket. The risk of simultaneous use of the ticket original and duplicates is assumed by the buyer. The Organiser (SIA “Positivus”) does not assume any liability for malicious use of the ticket.

It is prohibited to use the tickets in advertising and marketing campaigns, campaigns, lotteries, and competitions without prior written approval from the Organiser.

The presence in the Festival’s territory is a confirmation that you agree to the Festival’s rules that are placed in its territory. You can read them also on www.positivusfestival.com.


The Festival’s visitors may enter its territory during the time when it is open for visitors. To enter and be present in the Festival’s territory the visitors must hold a valid festival wristband.

In the Festival’s territory, it is permitted to take part in all the events and concerts, accessing all the Festival’s areas that are open to visitors (except special areas). The Festival’s visitors may carry with them and use non-professional cameras (i.e. cameras without changeable lenses).

The Festival’s employees may enter the Festival’s territory in accordance with the passing rules, with respective wristbands and vehicle passes.

In the Festival’s territory it is prohibited to:

-use open fire (including candles, grills, oil lamps, torches etc.);

-use, sell and keep narcotic substances;

-carry in pets;

-carry out commercial activities in the Festival’s territory without prior written approval from the Organiser;

-promote, offer or distribute any products and services without prior written approval from the Organiser;

-film and record sound without prior approval from the Organiser;

-for visitors under the age of 18, acquire alcohol and cigarettes;

-for visitors under the age of 16 (including), be in the Festival’s territory without the supervision of the parents or lawful custodians in the period from 22.00 to 7.00;

-with one’s behaviour, threaten the safety and health of other visitors;

-swim in the dark period of the day.


It is prohibited to carry into the Festival’s territory:

-professional photo equipment (i.e. with changeable lenses) and video equipment without accreditation in accordance with the Festival’s rules;

-any kinds of umbrellas;


-food products, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks;

-large-dimension items;

-other items that may threaten the convenience or safety of other visitors (e.g. weapons, explosives, knives, gas sprays, glass items etc.).


It’s allowed to enter the FESTIVAL territory with special baby food, but before the entrance, it has to be presented to the security staff.

The keeping of prohibited items and products outside the Festival’s territory with the security guards or the Festival’s organisers is not provided.


The Festival’s organisers shall not assume any liability for:

-injuries suffered by the visitors during the Festival;

-damages to personal belongings or lost and stolen belongings – we kindly advise you not to carry in and leave expensive and irreplaceable items in the Festival’s territory;

-the quality of the food, drinks and other goods or services sold and provided in the Festival’s territory – full liability for it is assumed by the respective service provider;

-the Festival’s organisers do not assume responsibility for unused tickets, and they will not be compensated;

-any actions taken by state authorities or institutions during the Festival and in its territory.


The Festival organisers have the right to:

-without prior notice, change the Festival’s programme and the performance times of the artists;

-not let in or evict from the Festival’s territory any visitors whose behaviour might hinder the due course of the Festival and/or threaten the safety of other visitors;

-the organisers shall be entitled not to sell alcoholic beverages to persons that are under the influence of alcohol and may threaten themselves or other visitors of the Festival.


All the persons in the Festival’s territory are obliged to adhere to any instructions and orders from the Festivals organisers related to the course of the Festival and the keeping of order, including those not covered by these Rules but communicated during the Festival. If the Festival’s rules or any instructions and orders from the Festival’s organisers are not adhered to, the Organiser will be entitled to expel the person from the Festival’s territory.

Any vehicle movement in the Festival’s territory is subject to holding respective vehicle passes.