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Until Positivus Festival opens its gates we will keep you updated to support your coverage of the Festival. Here you will able to find all press releases, press photos and other useful information you need in advance.

When using our photo materials for your coverage don’t forget to credit Positivus Festival, for example: photo.

In case you would like to know basic information about the Festival as well as read media reviews download this presentation.

During the Festival all accredited media will have access to the Media Zone where interviews, press conferences and meet-and-greets with the artists will take place.

If you have any further questions, please contact our press service at

Media Accreditation Application

Press accreditation for Positivus Festival is now closed.

Please note that there are a limited number of press passes and applications always exceed the numbers available.

Media Accreditation Conditions and Criteria

If you wish to cover Positivus Festival for an editorial media as journalist or photographer, you will have apply for our Media Accreditation.

When granting media access to Positivus Festival through accreditation, we handle every application individually and critically. This means that not every applicant will receive accreditation.

In our evaluation we put an emphasis on the following criteria:

● the media appears serious and professional.
● the application includes specific description of editorial goals, areas of focus and expected coverage before, during and after the Festival.
● the applicant at earlier Festivals has sent us their editorial output as a proof of their coverage of the Festival.
● we received the application on time – and not after the deadline.

For additional information regarding accreditations, please contact our press service at

Thanks for cooperation and your coverage of Positivus Festival!

Positivus Team