Riga Welcomes

Riga Welcomes

World-class festival in Riga

In association with Positivus, Riga is taken over by vibes of a world-class festival for the third year in a row. Riga is creating a feast not only for itself, but also for the city’s visitors by allocating €200,000 for the festival. “Positivus” shapes the image of Riga in Latvia and globally.

In between the singing, dancing, and enjoying food and drinks, there is also some time to relax and get to know Riga, the capital of Latvia, a little better. Go SUP-boarding near the festival venue, pop into town for a nourishing breakfast or, of course, explore one of the urban recreation spots.


City Bars and Terraces

Whether you want to discuss the performances you experienced at the “Positivus” festival or simply take a break from the city’s vibrant entertainment scene, Riga’s beautiful terraces and bars offer the perfect escape.

Old Riga is the heart of the city’s lively spirit. With a wide variety of bars and terraces, every visitor can find something that suits their taste. Some must-visit bars in Old Riga include ArmouryRīgas ĶirsisThirsty BulldogDistillers RepublicClayton McNamaras Drinking Emporium2 more beersPiana VyshniaCuba CafeFolkklubs Ala pagrabs and B Bārs.

For a delightful terrace experience in Old Riga, don’t miss the Kaļķu Vārti terrace. For a stunning view of Old Riga from above, head to the rooftop terrace of the Gūtenbergs restaurant. If you’re looking for a cozy spot, check out the patio terrace at Sidrērija bar. For cakes and coffee in a charming setting, visit the enigmatic Parunāsim. Kafe’teeku.

Craft beer enthusiasts should visit Labietis or Nurme. You can find more great recommendations in our Craft Beer Guide. For cocktail lovers, top bars include GimletSNOBHerbary, and Zefirs. Explore other noteworthy spots in our Time for a Cocktail guide!

In the city center, you can enjoy the sun and various delicacies at Whitehouserestaurant with a View “Osta”Annas DārzsFabrika, or one of the cozy terraces at Berga Bazaar. For a more comprehensive look at Riga’s most beautiful terraces, check out our guide!


Breakfast Places in Riga

Breakfast, especially during the festival season, is the most important meal of the day! Before heading out for a big party, unwind at one of Riga’s cozy and trendy breakfast spots. Enjoy muffins, filled croissants, eggs, and, of course, coffee at Mulberry. Indulge in a royal breakfast at This Place Doesn’t Need a Name. Treat yourself to freshly baked, delicious cinnamon buns and lattes at Mīkla Bakery. For vegan and vegetarian options, try MiitKatkevich offers sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, and sandwiches with smoked butter. For a classic and delicious breakfast menu, head to Innocent.


Swimming Spots in Riga

During the festival, it’s not just about having fun, relaxing, and enjoying the festivities; cooling down after a thrilling evening at “Positivus” is essential too. Riga offers several official swimming spots, conveniently located both near the festival venue and further afield if you’re up for a short city trip.

Close to the festival, you will find two swimming spots: Lucavsala and Ķīpsala. Lucavsala is well-equipped with lifeguard posts, accessible facilities, changing cabins, sunbathing areas for people with special needs, sanitary facilities, summer cafes, street vendors, benches, information signs, volleyball courts, a pétanque court, picnic areas with barbecue facilities, and playgrounds for all ages. There are also sports exercise areas and interactive games. Ķīpsala features lifeguard posts, information boards, sanitary facilities, benches, changing cabins, sports areas, and a children’s play complex.

If you want to enjoy the charm of the Baltic Sea and the scenic beaches along the coast, you can choose from VakarbulļiDaugavgrīva, and Vecāķi. These beaches offer lifeguard posts, information stands, free parking, sanitary facilities, summer cafes, street vendors, benches, changing cabins, and sports areas for activities such as volleyball and football.


Urban Recreation in Riga

While exploring the “Positivus” festival grounds is essential, discovering the city is also a key part of the experience. During your free time from the music and festivities, or before and after the festival, make sure to explore Riga’s urban recreation spots.

Sample some of Latvia’s finest craft beers at various bars in the city. Check out the vibrant Avotu Street and its diverse establishments. Don’t miss the popular and bustling Tallinas Street Quarter. Additionally, visit Briāna Quarter, where you can find the craft beer bar Labietis, the LGBTQ+ friendly club Skapis, and the live music bar M/Darbnīca.


Fun on the Water

Looking for something to do before the “Positivus” festivities kick off? In Riga, you can rent SUP boards, boats, or kayaks from several places to enjoy some fun on the water. Check out rental options from Lūzumpunkts LaivasTours in RigaLaivinieksAdvaita Adventures, and Buru Sports.

If you’re interested in more extreme activities, try wakeboardingwindsurfing, or flyboard. These activities will give you a unique perspective of Riga and offer an active, environmentally friendly way to explore and enjoy the city’s panorama!


Get to Know Riga

Between enjoying your favorite musicians, take the chance to explore the history, culture, and traditions of Riga and Latvia by visiting some of the city’s fascinating museums.

At the RSU Anatomy Museum, you can learn about the structure, functions, and various diseases of the human body. This museum is based on Latvia’s first anatomy collection, created in the 1920s-30s. The Latvian National Museum of Art offers insights into the history of Latvian art, showcasing significant works and highlighting key artists and movements from various periods with its extensive collections and unique masterpieces.

One of the best ways to discover Riga is by strolling through Old Riga and the Quiet Center. Old Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage site, features buildings in Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Modernism styles, making it one of the city’s main attractions. In the Quiet Center, you’ll find Alberta iela, the jewel of Riga’s Art Nouveau architecture. This area boasts impressive buildings and plenty of spots to enjoy a meal or coffee after your walk.


Getting Around the City

With so many things to do during your free time from the festival, you’ll need to know how to get around. Walking is always an option, but we recommend saving your energy for the “Positivus” concerts and activities. Instead, consider using one of the city’s mobile transportation options, like electric scooters or e-scooters.

In Riga, you can rent electric scooters using the “Bolt” or “Fiqsy” apps. For electric scooter rentals, you can use the “Ride” and “Skok” apps (a driver’s license is required). These options will help you conveniently reach your destinations without tiring yourself out.