Tuesday 3 July 2018


The official Positivus festival T-shirts are on sale starting from today, July 3, and the visitors wearing them at the festival site will be able to use special VIP entrance to the festival territory. There is a possibility to choose between different designs and bright colours so everyone gets the best result. This year festival’s T-shirts are made together with Draugiem Group company Printful that offers quick, handy and very easy-to-use services. Free delivery within Latvia will be offered in collaboration with Expresspasts.

There are 6 different designs created specially for the festival which can be combined by choosing a colour – this way everyone can realise themselves and order precisely what they want. The T-shirt offer can be seen and purchased on the festival’s homepage www.positivusfestival.com. Shirts come in different sizes  and there are male and female models. The price starts at 17 EUR.

Don’t wait in long queues – if you will be wearing the official T-shirt of the festival, you can use VIP entrance and make sure you don’t miss performances of your favourite musicians.