Saturday, July 21 21:15

Main Stage

A love letter to multicultural London – that’s how prestigious music media Pitchfork named the debut album of the electronic music artist Mura Masa (in the real name Alex Krossan). And not without a reason since in this album along with melodic electronic music are sampled sounds from lively London, as well as world music instruments that can be rarely heard in the hip hop scene, such as marimba, kalimba, Japanese flute and various percussions. High-end of electronic music – that’s why Mura Masa is nominated for Grammy Award as the Best Record and the Best Dance / Electronic Album, also he has already received the UK Music Video Award for the Best Live Performance with Diamonds Albarn. However, Mura Masa success is not only about awards, his music has won over dance floors around the world while the single Lovesick has raced to the top of the Spotify UK charts. In his music Mura Masa has caught the core of the cosmopolitain world, recognised the true sound and trends of it and created music that sounds equally amazing in a nightclub in London or Latvian music festival.