The musical entertainment and education for the little ones will be provided by Andžeja Grauda Drums School.

Everyone, even the youngest ones, will have the opportunity to relax in specially equipped TakTil recreation place. Children won’t stop you from enjoying the festival – the little ones will meet happy and professional nannies from Laumiņu residence.

Kids will look for hidden treasures together with Kokmaizītes! And those won’t be any ordinary treasures – in order to find them, it will be necessary to participate in a real “Spelling Championship” with a hunt of syllables and word encryption! Children will be able to colour, cut and dress their own paper dolls and keep them or exchange with other little doll masters together! Workshop will be provided by Claudia Paper Toys.

At more relaxed moment children will be able to draw with the Drawies crayons in shapes of fruits, vegetables and letters and get acquainted with their various drawing styles. If nature is your kids best friend, then this is the place to discover and learn about plants and animals we encounter on a daily basis – by using different devices, games and drawing skills. Anyone will have a chance to get to know Latvian plants, as well as small and big animals living in Latvia and their habits. It will be provided by Nature Workshop. Games for development, experiments and intelligent competitions will be provided by kids curiosity center Zinoo.

Brain Games will entertain the small festival visitors with a variety of fun and active board games. Childrens will be able to visit penguin school, cheerfully count the fruits, save a princess from an evil magician, wander through a labyrinth and engage in other adventures of board games. Educational entertainment is guaranteed.

The ability to juggle, keep one’s balance and concentrate, the ability to act and do some tricks as well as good cooperation skills are useful not only in the circus, but also in everyday life. Regardless if you have some experience or not, if you are big or small, old or young, talkative or shy, deft or less deft come and try – The Circus school. Face painting, balloon figures, big soap bubbles, playing and dancing will be provided together with TusiBusi.

A long and tiring day doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will be able to fall asleep. To make sure it’s not a problem, the reading house from the publishers “Liels un Mazs” and will help.