Your festival journey is now more comfortable than ever!

There shouldn’t be any worries about this year’s transportation, because Taxify will ensure rides both to and from the festival, as well as on-site.

What you need to know: During the festival, Taxify app will feature two categories – TAXIFY and POSITIVUS. The TAXIFY category will operate within the festival’s host city of Salacgrīva, whilst the POSITIVUS category will offer rides to and from Riga.

POSITIVUS category

On July 20, Taxify app will activate a new Positivus category, marked with the Positivus logo. Those wishing to travel from Riga to Salacgrīva or vice versa will be able to use this category for rides. This option will be available up until July 23, 2 AM. The fixed price one way will be 59€.

TAXIFY category

During the festival, Taxify will be operating all around Salacgrīva. Those in need of a ride can order it just like any other day – by opening the app and requesting a ride from the regular Taxify category, which will be marked as such.

Taxify’s recreational area, located next to the local school will be welcoming visitors all throughout the festival. Come visit the friendly staff and ask them anything – they’ll have free  Wi-Fi and a mobile phone charging station.