Trad.Attack! (ee)

Piektdiena, 14. jūlijs 17:30


TRAD.ATTACK! are three good friends and well known Estonian musicians who have literally turned Estonian folk music on its head. Since their debut in 2014 TRAD.ATTACK! received 14 Music Awards in Estonia, had their 2015 debut full album, Ah! praised internationally, toured 26 countries and sold out solo concert for more than 7000 people in Estonia. Group takes its inspiration from old archive recordings of Estonian traditional songs. Whereas folk music is their starting point but not their boundary: they remain open in ears, mind and  soul  to  different  styles  and  new  directions  whilst  maintaining  their  emotional roots – heart. Trad.Attack! is fresh folk music -friendly, passionate, powerful, dynamic, cheerful and true to the roots.