Sunday, July 22 19:45

Main Stage

Intimate, atmospheric and ambient music is the main element of the creative handwriting of the American musician Lauv, or Ari Staprans Leff in his real name. The 23-year-old artist has already achieved significant success and popularity around the world, largely thanks to  possibilities created by virtual tools. The Other, one of his first singles, has been played in the streaming site Spotify more than 120 million times. Lauv’s songs are genuine, based on emotions, with a sense of certain naivety, and this is why millions of fans around the world are deeply touched by them. The performance at the Positivus Festival in some way will be returning to his roots for this young musician – the stage name Lauv is actually chosen honouring his mother’s Latvian origins. Romantic music, created by using minimal means of expression that maximise the power of atmospheric music – Lauv’s music will be appreciated by everyone who is ready to be taken away in an emotional and honest adventure.