Friday, July 26

Main Stage

Disclosure are an EN electronic music duo, a pop-oriented synthesis of numerous styles, including house, garage, dubstep, and bass. It’s impossible to imagine a world without Disclosure, so profound and wide-reaching has their influence been on the musical landscape. Their extraordinary debut album “Settle” (2013) consolidated their place at the forefront of a new wave of electronic music. It topped the charts, won numerous accolades and ushered in a new age that opened up dance music for the next generation of young music fans while refreshing and rejuvenating the scene for the rest. In 2015 they realised new album “Caracal” and in summer of 2019 a new album is on the way. Their success and remarkable achievements – selling 1.6million copies of “Settle” worldwide, having numerous nominations for Brit Awards, the Mercury Music Prize and winning the award for Best Dance Album at the Grammys as well as high profile magazine covers and top positions on best-of year lists accenting a meteoric rise which saw them soundtracking summers and becoming the most talked-about band. The band has collaborated with such famous musicians as Sam Smith, Eliza Doolittle, Jessie Ware, Aluna George, Gregory, Porter, The Weeknd, Lorde etc.