Friday 26 April 2019


DAYDREAMERS VIP tent hotel usage terms & conditions at festival POSITIVUS.
By making a reservation, DAYDREAMERS bell tent guests agree on these terms & conditions and are willing to follow up on them.
These terms & conditions apply on festival dates July 26 and 27 on festival location-“Zvejnieku parks” Salacgriva.”
Arrival on bell tent hotel territory is available from July 26 starting from 10:00 and till July 28 12:00.
1.1. On your arrival at DAYDREAMERS bell tent hotel please provide reservation confirmation and ID to a member of bell tent hotel staff. Wristband will be issued and you will be asked to sign an agreement of bell tent usage.
1.2. DAYDREAMERS member of staff has the rights to scan a copy of ID document, which is essential addition to agreement.
1.3. Bell tent hotel guests are responsible for damage to the property and equipment. In case bell tent hotel staff has detected any damage to the Inventory and / or equipment, parties are obliged to draw up an act regarding damage to the Inventory and / or equipment. The Parties agree that the causer will cover all expenses.
1.4. Agreement is signed by at least one person of each tent by responsible person who has reached 18 years and is able to handle the responsibility of these terms and conditions.
1.5. After the reservation is made you will be headed to your bell tent and other essential instructions will be given by a member of staff.
1.6. DAYDREAMERS is not responsible for the security and safety of the personal property and values that are left in the bell tent or nearby. As well as there is no responsibility for any accidents, property damage that occurs or is related to the activities during the term of the agreement.
It is forbidden to:
2.1.damage the tent’s original design and equipment by moving, demolishing, strapping and / or connecting the joints;
2.2.smoke, to burn candles, or to use other fire hazardous items (including electronic cigarettes or similar items).
2.3.intentionally damage the tent walls, floors, supports, zippers, and external rails.
2.4.allow animals in the tent and nearby.
2.5.threatening the safety and health of other visitors interrupt the rest of the residents of other tents with excessive loud behaviour.