Relaxation at festival has never been this cozy and comfortable. This year together with Daydreamers tents we will ensure luxurious comfort class overnight stay within the festival’s camping site.

The Daydreamers VIP camping village will be located within the Positivus festival camping site. Each tent, sized 20m2 will ensure a comfortable stay for 2, 4 or 6 people. Each tent will be equipped with mattresses and bed linen. The tent material is especially durable against various weather changes, including heavy rain.

The Daydreamers VIP tent tenants will abide by the tent user agreement by signing a contract and committing to using the tent and its equipment with care, as well as to cover any damage cost. The person signing the contract will have to be at least 18 years old.

The following will be strictly prohibited at the Daydreamers VIP camping territory:

-Damage the tent construction – to move it, dismantle it, readjust the construction and/or tie the tent ropes together,

-Smoke inside the tent or next to it (including electronic cigarettes and other smoking equipment),

-Hang and/or dry clothing or other items in areas not designated for this purpose either inside or outside the tent.

*Camping site ticket is NOT INCLUDED in the price of Daydreamers VIP tent