Don’t leave preparation for the last moment and plan your staying at the Positivus festival well in advance!


Camping Site will be open from Thursday until Monday (19th till 23th July).

Camping Site WC is free of charge. Showers will be available for a small additional fee. Please take care of your own toiletries. There will be storage options and possibility to charge your phone. Food vendors will take care of the hungry festival-goers and provide delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Entrance to Camping Site is only available with a valid Festival ticket or wristband.

Camping Site ticket purchased together with 1-Day festival ticket allows you to spend that particular day and the following night in the Camping Site.

It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the Camping Site. Please use alcoholic drinks responsibly so as not to ruin the festival experience for yourself or your fellow festival goers.


To ensure camper guests feel comfortable, the area for the “houses on wheels” – trailer park, will be considerably expanded and will be located opposite the entrance to the tent city. The campers’ zone will have its own toilets and will be separated from the festival guests’ parking lot. It is possible to park your camper van in special parking spot with or without an electricity outlet. Campers will be provided with a special area only for campers, when purchasing parking place, the set will come together with four tent town wristbands.

Tickets will be available in 2018!